Nilai-Nilai Edukatif Dalam Kepemimpinan Nabi Muhammad SAW


  • Aly Kuswadi STIT Al-Hikmah Bumi Agung Way Kanan


Leadership, Education


Prophet Muhammad (SAW) is not only the bearer of the last religion (Rasul) who is often referred to as a spiritual leader, but as a leader of the ummah, religious leader, state leader, war commander, qadi (judge), fair husband, wise father and leader the Arab nation and the world. This very complex role has been played well by the Prophet Muhammad, so that it becomes the basis for his people until the end of time. This shows that the role of the Prophet Muhammad. as the leader of the people has a great influence. Manifestation of his leadership by providing good education and teaching to the people with good example (uswatun hasanah). While education is guidance or leadership consciously by the education of physical and spiritual development of students towards the formation of a good personality. So education can not be separated from the Koran and the Sunnah of the Prophet Muhammad SAW.



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